जिसे पुस्तकें पढने का शौक है, वह सब जगह सुखी रह सकता है


Shree Mahavir Jain Ardhana Kendra, Koba has been awarded by



Located in the New Campus. Which provides pure Jain Food to all visitors according to Jain rituals.

There is a provision for the arrangement of special type of food as allowed by Jain religion. Dinner may be served before Chauvihar (i.e. sunset). Taking and serving any food after sunset is strictly prohibited. Special arrangement for lunch and dinner can be made if prior information is received. It may be especially convenient for those who come in-groups. Visitors are requested to obtain passes from the main office before entering the Dining Hall. Passes for adults cost Rs. 30/- each while passes for the kids between 10-15 years age cost Rs. 20/- each.

Timings for the Dining Hall
11.00 a.m. to 01.00 p.m. and 05.00 p.m. to before chauvihar (i.e. sunset) only
VIP Dharmashala
Located in the left side of the DharamShala which consists of 8 furnished deluxe rooms.

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