साहित्य का पतन राष्ट्र का पतन है, पतन की ओर वे परस्पर एक-दूसरे का साथ देते है


Shree Mahavir Jain Ardhana Kendra, Koba has been awarded by


Visitors Remarks

Indian visitors
We were extremely pleased to be at Koba and look at its excellent facilities while are being developed.
-Prof. M. A. Dhaky, Director(Emeritus), American Inst. of Indian Studies, Gurgaon
It was a good occasion to visit the complex and I was very much impressed by the activities (academic as well religious) carried out here. The working of computer was astonishing and its multifarious fields of work were very useful for use in this modern age.
-K. R. Chandra, Formerly Head, Dept. of Prakrit, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad
The attempt made by this institution to preserve the MSS are highly commendable. It is a real service to the intelectual traditions of the country.
-Prof V. N. Jha, Pune University
An excellent institution to understand library science. A museum to be studied again and again.
-Dr. Mukund Chandra Thakar,Thane
I have great pleasure in visiting Gyanmandir a rare & beautiful contribution, enriched by a most authentic museum and computer library. I feel proud to have seen such rich collection. This is an extra-ordinary historical and cultural center. It will be of great help to the scholars and readers for their references and information.
-Prof. Dr. Kulbhushan Lokhande, Editor, Divya Dhwani, Solapur
Indeed blessed to visit the Centre. It will be a privilege to work on some unpublished work and bring to light the sayings of the great geniuses, the great masters, the Tirthankars
-Dr. Priya Jain, Guest Lecturer, Dept. Jainology, University of Madras
Gujarati language is blessed to have its long history preserved in the from of Jain manuscript documents. No other language in the world has such a long heritage protected. Jain Mandir is in real sense an architect of knowledge. The management, we found, is worth and true in the Jain sprit.
-Chandrakant Topiwala, Ahmedabad
Very Important Visitors
Amazing collection and excellent upkeep of every thing. The heritage will be handed down for generations for which Jains and Indians will be extremely proud of and indebted to Param Pujya Guru Bhagvant Acharya Shri Padmasagarsuriji Saheb.
-Samveg Lalbhai, M.D., Arvind Mills, Ahmedabad
Lucky to get chance to come to this place and could see rare collections. Library and its computerization provide very good opportunity for the Research Scholars.
-S. C. Choudhary, Chief General Manager, Gujarat Telecom, Ahmedabad
A very impresive and heartening collection of antiquity and heritage in the form of sculptures, idols, manuscripts and rare books. It is not merely an assorted collection. It has been arranged and preserved in a logical and practical manner by a team of dedicated people.
-L. K. Singhavi, Sirohi
It is unique.... All those who are interested in Bharat's rich culture should make a visit here.
-Bangaru Laxman, M.P., New Delhi
Amazing library, the museum, and the concept behind the learning is extremely well thought of. What a wide vision of the Guru Maharaj Shri Padmasagarsuriji!
-Deepak Nowlakha, Jaipur
Visitors Remarks
Very highly impressed with the perfection of display of the period of Objects, gives the impression of the great Indian culture and its rich heritage from such a long period of its own existence, a very encouraging development ...
-Ravi Gandhi, 6th Floor 59-8 Walkers Road, Bombay 400006
Library and museum, both are remarkable with adequate information about Jain philosophy and Jain tenets.
-Jyoti Rabyan,1863, Cheer Khana, Chandni Chowk, Delhi-110006
The demonstration impressed me very much. The level of search provided, in my view, can't be matched by any search engine or library search database. To make it more useful my suggestion is to publish the information on the web site with due security measures, so that more and more people can be benifitted by such intense effort made by the developers.
-Dharmesh Bhansali, 8A- E-7, Nirnay Nagar, Ahmedabad
The modern I.T. concepts have been most successfully utilized for the benifit of well being of human-kind specifically highlighting the time tested Jain concepts in entirely.
-Mahavir S. Jain, Mumbai
Library is very well maintained with Gigantic Nos. of books. The restoration of old books is highly appreciated task undertaken and museum is also wonderful.
-Kamlesh R. Shah
I am very much pleased to visit this library. In my life so far I have not visited any such well maintained library.
-Kedarnath Jain
Scholars From Abroad
This is an absolutely marvelous institution. I am fascinated with the remarkable computer system, which is so good, it should be put on the Internet, in my opinion, and I wish the director and his staff achieve further successes in future.
-Dr. Peter Flugel (Indologist), 16 Elsinore Gardens, London NW2 ISS, 02088307283,
This is the most outstanding research institution in India today. In particular, the library's on-line catalogue must be considered a unique reservoir.
-Prof. Paul Dundas, Deptt of Sanskrit, School of Asian Studies, University of Edinburgh,Scotland, U.K.
A too wonderful place. If you spend here a few hours, take care, you'll spend a few months after that.
-Caradec Daniel, 3 avenue du moulin de latouche, 44240 Suce Sur Erdre, France
Visitors From Abroad
Precious Experience!
-Kazako Tsunematsu, Japan
Thank you for keeping in good condition such a precious and important historical items belonging to all the religions.
-Nervi Lorento, Terno 24030 (BG) Italy
Excellent pioneer work. For the new millennium- Jain Shasan has lot to offer and this institution will be major contributor.
-Rashmi & Kusum R. Shah, P.V. Est. Calif. 90274
Outstanding and important work! We loved the artwork and atmosphere.
-Leelan & Karen Larsen, S.D. USA 57105
Really appreciable Library! Very good collection need someone to appreciate the work and collection of book. Staff members very helpful.
-Suresh C. & Nalini, S Doshi, U.S.A
This is beautiful, peaceful with lots of artistic carving we don't have word to describe about Mahavir Swami's Pratimaji- beautiful, ..... clean, Organized. Our Country India have treasure which is out of all wonder.
-V. Sheth, 12, Avr Rd., Maple, Ont L6A1Y2, Canada
This institute & building is exceptionally marvelous and something that the entire Jain community in the world can be proud off.
-Vasant Sheth, 128 Ave. Rd., Maple, Ont. L6AIY2, Canada

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