प्रत्येक देश का साहित्य वहाँ की जनता की चित्तवृत्ति का संचित प्रतिबिम्ब होता है


Shree Mahavir Jain Ardhana Kendra, Koba has been awarded by


Mahaviralaya - Temple Of Shri Mahavir Swami

There is a miracle associated with this magnificent Pink Mahaviralaya with three beautiful domes. On the 22nd May of each year at 02:07 p.m. (the day & time when the last rites of Acharya Shri Kailasasagarsurishwarji Maharaj Saheb were performed) the sunrays penetrate from the Shikhar to the forehead of Bhagwan Mahavir and brighten it as Tilak.

The large number of devotees remain present at this tirth to witness this event every year. In the Garbha Grih (Sanctum Sanctorum), the idol of Bhagwan Adinath is on the right side of Bhagwan Mahavir and that of Bhagwan Simandharswami is on the left. The idol of Bhagwan Parshvanath is installed in the Sabhamandapam. The eight big Gavakshas have the idols of Bhagwans Ajitnath, Vasupujyaswami, Munisuvratswami, Neminath, Shantinath and Parshvanath from the left to the right.

Adjacent to the main temple, the deri (memorial temple) on the right hand side has the idol of Bhagwan Kailasaparshvanath while on right hand side deri has the idol of Bhagwan Sankheshvar Parshvanath. The central sanctum sanctorum of the underground section of the Mahaviralaya houses the idol of Bhagwan Adishwar which seems to be pervading peace all around. Besides this, the pilgrims can have the darshan of the idols of Padmavatidevi and Veer Shri Manibhadraji. Also there are many ancient and beautiful idols made of Panchdhatu (Five metal - Alloy). As the temple is at a higher plinth, one has to climb the stairs to enter it. On both sides of the ladder are huge metalic Lions symbolic of Mahaviralaya which attract the attention of all - young and old alike.

Unique inscriptions have been carved on the five doors of the Sabhamandapam. Events pertaining to the life of Bhagwan Mahavir have been displayed on the 24 slabs of the three main gates. The left hand side gates of the Rang Mandapam depict some events pertaining to Bhagwan Adishwar while the right hand side slabs have been inscribed with the events of the life of Bhagwan Parshvanath. The doors of the Garbha Grih (Sanctum Sanctorum) have thick plates of silver, which show Indra and King Dasharnabhadra going to have a darshan (vision) of Bhagwan Mahavirswami. The scene related to the Deeksha Mahotsava (celebration) of King Dasharnabhadra has also been marvelously depicted. The gates of the temples of Bhagwan Kailash Parshvanath and Bhagwan Sankheshwar Parshvanath have the inscriptions of charming Apsaras in dancing moods. These sculptures represent the old traditions of fine craftsmanship though sculpted in the 20th-21st century.
Art and Architecture
The art and architecture of Mahaviralaya is worth seeing. The carving work on stone is currently in progress. Traditional artisans from Orissa have been brought for this special project. People with an insight into art and dexterous in this field are supervising these craftsmen. The whole show will attract the lovers of art as well as the pilgrims. The marvelous carving of the Apsaras (nymphs), 10 Dikpals (guardian gods), 16 Vidyadevis (goddesses of learning) 24 Yakshas and 24 Yakshinis, other demigods and semigods, flora and fauna will enhance the excellence of the entire artwork. The work is still in progress and it is expected that this temple will have a unique place among the Jain temples of India.

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