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Shree Mahavir Jain Ardhana Kendra, Koba has been awarded by


Devardhigani Kshamashraman Hastaprat Bhandagar
(Manuscripts Section)

The largest collection of the Jain manuscripts which were otherwise lying neglected & in the deteriorated condition in the remote places & villages of India without realizing worth of them are being brought and preserved here. This department of the manuscript, located in the basement of Gyanmandir is dedicated to Shri Devardhigani Kshamashraman. The collection of about 2,50,000 manuscripts regarding, Aagamas (Jain doctrines), darshan (Indian Philosophy), Yoga, Ayurveda, Nyaya- logic, literature, grammar, astronomy, astrology, history etc; is like the ocean of knowledge in this library. This library is having about 3,000 manuscripts written on the palm leaves, which are especially stored here, as they are rare and ancient. Quite a number of these manuscripts are invaluable as they are rarest of the rarest
The catalogue system has been developed here on the computer for effective use of information contained in the manuscripts preserved here. The information regarding manuscripts has been made obtainable on the computer and the lists pertaining to the different subjects are being computerized speedily. ;

The leading Gurubhagavants (Jain monks), scholars and researchers of various subjects of ancient heritage of knowledge, have been facilitated with the arrangement of obtaining the photocopies of manuscripts.

For the restoration of these manuscripts, the traditional method along with acceptable modern methods is being applied. After fumigation process hand made acid free papers are wrapped on the manuscripts and the manuscripts are kept in cloth wrapping. The specially designed teakwood cupboards protected with stainless steel casing, are used to preserve the processed manuscripts. According to the planned scheme, the important & invaluable and rare & some damaged/ fragmented manuscripts will be protected safely by microfilming and digital scanning system.

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